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Things I’m Glad To Be Rid Of.

Posted by Brian Becker on November 13, 2008

Now that the election is over, there are a few things I’m really happy won’t be around anymore polluting my television.

1: Sarah Palin – although apparently she isn’t going away.  Maybe she didn’t get the memo, but she lost! Why is she giving more interviews and press conferences in the week after the election than she did during the entire campaign?  Go away, and for the love of god don’t come back.

2: Joe the Plumber – seriously this guy is a moron.

3: Tucker Bounds – possibly the worst spin doctor any campaign has ever hired.  It was painful to watch this guy struggle daily through T.V. interviews.  Not only is he a smug prick, hes not even good at lying to the American people, which was his job.

4: Nancy Pfotenhaur – another spin doctor for the McCain campaign.  Not as obviously bad as Tucker Bounds but she has something else about her that irks me.  Her extremely long neck.  Seriously what the hell?

I’ll edit this if I think of anything else.


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