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Posted by Brian Becker on October 30, 2008

I don’t dream often but last night was different.  I had a nightmare.  It wasn’t a falling dream, or about being abducted by aliens.  No, in my dream last night, it was the evening of November 4th, 2008, and John McCain and Sarah Palin had just won the Presidential election.  I woke up feeling almost ill, and I’m worried that the dream might recur from now until this thing is decided, as nightmares often do.  But the truly scary thing would be if that nightmare were to become reality.

I didn’t have that feeling back in 2004.  I was very much looking forward to kicking the bums out of the White House back then, but I was not enthusiastic at all about John Kerry.  I didn’t really vote for Kerry as much as I voted against Bush, and when he lost, I was more angry than anything else.  This time is different.  I believe in Barack Obama.  I think he is a remarkable leader.  The right man for the right time, and I feel we are extremely lucky to have him as a choice.  But despite the leads in the polls, the money advantage, and all of the other factors that seem to favor Obama right now, I still have lingering doubts in the back of my mind about the outcome of this election.

If you asked anyone thats known me well to describe my personality, the word optimistic would likely never come up.  So it shouldn’t be any surprise about how I feel about this election, but the thought of John McCain winning is literally haunting my sleep.  Imagine what that would say about our politics if he were to pull this off.  The politics of character assassination, fear, division, and in some cases bigotry will be validated as the gold standard for success in American politics.  The democratic party would be so extremely demoralized, despite having won huge majorities in both houses of congress (a virtual guarantee), because the best, most inspiring, genuine, and competent nominee they have had in generations would have failed to win in such a great political climate for democrats, and against such a weak candidate in John McCain.  I would not merely be angry this time, I think I would literally break down in tears.

This doesn’t have to happen, and I don’t think it will, but we need to run through the finish line.  A lot of people voted against George W. Bush in 2004, but I think a lot of people are voting for Barack Obama this year.  I believe the opposite is true for republicans this time.  I just hope that I’m right, for all our sakes.


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