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A Hole in the Sky

Posted by Brian Becker on October 14, 2008

I saw the strangest thing tonight as I was walking my dog as I do every night. Its just after midnight. The sky is overcast, and the moon is full. When I get down to the field by the lake, I usually gaze at the stars while Rascal does her thing. Because of the full moon it was a bright night, despite the overcast skies. Since I couldn’t see any of the stars tonight, I looked up at the moon and was transfixed for nearly fifteen minutes at what I saw. There was a giant hole in the sky with the moon in the center. It was a perfect circle with the rim clearly visible. On the northernmost part of the rim it looked almost like a dim rainbow, and apart from the area very close to the moon, the area within its circumference was much darker than the rest of the sky. The longer I looked at it, the bigger the hole seemed to get. It was extremely odd.

I’ve seen a lot of strange things in the skies when I’m walking my dog at night since I moved here a little over a year ago, but this was the strangest. When I finally pulled myself away from it, I took my dog back in, woke up my sister and made her come outside to look at it. You know, just to assure myself that I’m not going crazy. Sure enough, she saw it too and was also astonished at what she saw. Weird. Too bad I don’t have a camera handy or I’d have taken a picture and shared it.


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