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Why Mavericks Make Poor Leaders.

Posted by Brian Becker on October 1, 2008

Its true that McCain worked with Democrats on some issues that he felt were important like immigration reform and campaign finance. That said, Senator McCain has still voted with his party 90% of the time, and on a lot of the issues he didn’t support, he has since flip flopped to toe the party line in order to win his primary campaign and get his base to support him in the general election. Bush’s tax cuts, oil drilling, torture, immigration are just a few of the issues that fall into that category. If you think hes just doing that for political expedience, then you might say McCain is not a principled or credible person.

Regardless of whether you think John McCain and Sarah Palin are really the “mavericks” that they claim to be, the thought of a maverick in the oval office doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. Let me explain.

If you look at the past week’s events, since McCain suspended his campaign to help with the bailout bill, up until the bill failed in the House of Representatives, its a great example of why mavericks do not make good leaders. As we all know by now, McCain failed to do what he was trying to do: get the House Republicans to support the bill. Why didn’t they listen to him?

In my opinion, its because John McCain has lost the trust of his own party for being a maverick on issues that go against everything the conservatives stand for. The Republican party is not a “big tent” party. There are certain things in their platform that are complete deal breakers, and McCain has betrayed them on some of these issues. For example, the immigration bill that he wrote almost stopped his campaign dead in its tracks over a year ago. This makes a lot of people in his own party not want to work with him because they know they can’t trust him on the issues that they really care about. Its fine to work with the other side to get inconsequential things done, but not the major tenets of the party platform.

Its similar to how the current President has almost no credibility with either party. He betrayed them in a different way (lying us into war, among other things), but nobody trusts him enough to work with him anymore. Its also like how most Democrats can’t stand Joe Lieberman anymore. Leaders need credibility with their own base before they can be effective in that role. John McCain has just bucked his party platform too many times to maintain that support, and its too late to rebuild that bridge for a lot of them.


One Response to “Why Mavericks Make Poor Leaders.”

  1. Kurt said

    You’re quite right.
    I believe that McCain is not a principled or credible person.

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