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Do people really believe this stuff?

Posted by Brian Becker on September 18, 2008

Call my cynical but I find it hard to believe that people actually believe some of the stuff we hear from the campaign trail and the news media lately.

Do people really believe John McCain thinks the fundamentals of the economy are the American worker? Are people really that naive?

Do people really believe that either candidate is not going to raise taxes on someone? We are fighting two wars, bailing out company after company, have failing infrastructure all across the country, have a giant debt already built up… the money has to come from somewhere. Maybe they market will recover by the time the Bush tax cuts expire, but I have my doubts. All the experts I’ve listened two say this is going to last a while.

Do people really believe that putting the word “executive” before the word “experience” instantly makes that experience 100% more relevant than any other type of experience no matter how little of that experience that person has? I mean, by that standard, Sarah Palin is more qualified to be President than John McCain. Bush had executive experience. Look how that turned out.

Do people really believe Fox News is “Fair and Balanced”? C’mon.

Do people really believe a John McCain administration is going to “shake up” Washington? Hes going to have all the same Republican operatives working for him that worked in the current administration, and lobbyists run his campaign. Eventually they are going to want something back for getting him elected, if he wins.

Do people really believe a government run health care system would be worse than what we have now? I mean, ever since I became too old to be covered on my father’s plan, I haven’t been covered. I’ve only been to the doctor once in the past four years, and it was only because I had a serious problem. I’ve needed a new glasses prescription and dental work for years but just can’t afford it. Don’t give me the “it costs too much” crap either. We already have medicare and medicaid which we wouldn’t need if we had a universal system, so their budgets could be rolled into it, and employers could save money by dropping their current plans. The American people just became one of the biggest insurance companies in the world. Thanks A.I.G.. Somehow health insurance is still unacceptable though. Go figure.

Do people really think McCain is suddenly pro-regulation and government oversight because of the Wall Street fallout? His entire career he has been anti-regulation and oversight. A Reagan republican. You think hes suddenly had an epiphany? I don’t.

Do people really believe the Iraq war is winnable? Its hard to even classify it as a war at this point. We already won the “war” in Iraq in 2003 when we toppled Saddam’s government. Ever since then it has been an occupation, and you can’t “win” an occupation. Its not the same as Japan or Germany where we have a few bases and nobody has been killed for decades. Iraq and the entire region will remain volatile as long as we are there and continue our saber rattling with other countries in the area.

Finally, do people really believe drilling for more oil is going to solve any of our energy problems? There just isn’t enough oil in the ground or offshore in the USA to sustain our needs for any significant amount of time, and its going to take at least five years before we see any of it. I’m not saying we shouldn’t drill where its safe, but when you hear people chanting “Drill baby, Drill!” you start to think people actually think that is the solution. We need some drilling but mostly we need renewable energy like solar, wind, and nuclear energy for electricity, and electric powered vehicles.


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