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Palin Fatigue

Posted by Brian Becker on September 10, 2008

I’m already sick of Sarah Palin. Its pretty clear now that McCain picked her for two reasons only and both are extremely cynical. First is to steal as many news cycles as they can which has been very successful so far. You can’t watch the news for five minutes these days without hearing about Sarah Palin. Second is to drive a wedge between women voters by claiming sexism at the most innocent remarks by the Obama campaign and the media. They also like to clump the two together which is fairly ridiculous.

The blame the media game didn’t work for Hillary Clinton but it just might work for John McCain because the McCain camp is much better at manipulating the media than Clinton was. By sequestering Palin from the media claiming she has been treated unfairly (without citing any actual unfair reporting), they are successfully intimidating the media. I’ve seen anchors on MSNBC and CNN questioning their scrutiny of Palin as sexist when it was clearly nothing more than fair criticism of her record or pointing out that the latest remark from the campaign trail or ad is a lie.

The latest example of this is the “Lipstick on a pig” remark that Obama made on the campaign trail. The fake outrage by surrogates on cable news is sickening and the exact type of politics that turns the average person away from the political process. Every day they talk about these phony controversies they do the American people a disservice by not focusing on the issues that desperately need attention. I mean we have a whole host of issues that need urgent attention by the next president that have been ignored for the past eight years. Energy, the climate crisis, getting out of Iraq, jobs, the economy, unaffordable college tuition, just to name a few.

According to a recent Washington Post / ABC poll Obama leads among issue voters 56 to 37 percent. That is a huge margin. Its obvious that people do not want anything to do with the republican platform this year, and that is why you never hear McCain’s campaign talk about their policies. Well, aside from the generic “lower taxes” that every GOP candidate runs on. Rick Davis, McCain’s campaign manager, even said that the campaign is not about issues. In that same poll, among people who vote on “personal qualities” McCain holds a lead almost as big as Obama’s on issues, 56 to 39 percent. This is why they hammer home the P.O.W. story every chance they get, and talk about mooseburgers and hunting as opposed to troopergate, creationism, banning books, Alaskan secession, etc. Republicans lose if the campaign is about issues. Period.

Can we stop playing Karl Rove style politics and focus on things that matter to the American people? This isn’t a high school popularity contest election. This is an election for the highest office in the United States and the world. It deserves to be handles as one.


2 Responses to “Palin Fatigue”

  1. pacer521 said

    I see what you mean as far as the POW stuff.


  2. grassroots527live said

    That’s right Becker! The REPUBLICPIGS can’t talk about the issues so they turned this into a mud-slangin election. Enough with all this popularity BS. It’s time to about the issues that WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE care about.

    But you know what will stop this nonesense…call them out on Sarah Palin’s and John Mccain’s TRUE record that they’re trying to cover up. Then call Sarah Palin “SARAH THE LYER”and spread it all over the net until it reaches the mainstream media. With all the invsetigations going on, then they would want to turn the attention on the issues.

    Hey, think about all the bloggers we contact on a daily basis. This will shake up the GOP into the election we really want, which is about the issues.

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