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Arguing With a Three Year Old

Posted by Brian Becker on September 9, 2008

I just watched part two of Bill O’Reilly’s Barack Obama interview online. It reminded me of a three year old crying because he has to share his toys. For those who didn’t see it or don’t care to (I don’t blame you), the topic was Obama’s tax plan and economic policy. Despite O’Reilly’s whining about “income redistribution”, comparing Obama to Robin Hood, and his questionable statistics, Obama held his own very well. I have to give Obama credit for going on the show because at least this way he can directly defend himself from the constant attacks from Fox.

The thing is though, at least from my point of view, O’Reilly just makes himself look stupid the way he conducts the interview. I’m not sure he realizes this when he complains about Obama’s tax plan being income redistribution, but the progressive income tax has always been a form of income redistribution. Unless he wants to switch to a fair tax or consumption tax then its always going to be.

I also can’t wrap my head around the argument rich people make about the income tax being unfair to them, as O’Reilly seemed to be arguing. Taxes pay for many of the things rich people benefited from in order to get where they are now and should, at least in my opinion, have no problem giving back so that others have the same opportunities they had. Public schools, hospitals, police, roads, bridges, libraries, public transportation, the military; these are all things that are paid for by taxpayer money and I don’t think anyone with considerable wealth can claim these things didn’t help them get to where they are now. I’ve always felt that if some day I’m making six or seven figures that I should be paying a much larger percent in taxes than someone making 50k a year. I mean how many houses or cars do you really need? At a certain point it just becomes obscene.

People like Bill O’Reilly have no reason to complain about taxes. You still have plenty of toys Bill, share the wealth.


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