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Posted by Brian Becker on September 8, 2008

I suppose I’ll start out by introducing myself.

I’m a 22 year old guy from upstate New York.  I’ve lived in Red Hook, Kingston, Poughkeepsie and I currently live in the small town of Port Ewen in an appartment complex on Lake Esopus.  I’m an avid gamer, reader, and I have an intense interest in politics, technology, and science.

In 2004 I graduated from Kingston High School and was awarded a partial scholarship to Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York.  After three semesters as a Computer Science major I dropped out for financial reasons despite having good grades.  I intend to go back and finish my degree at some point when I have the money.

I’m registered democrat and consider myself very liberal.  Much to my mother’s disgust, I am an atheist.

I plan mostly on blogging about politics, maybe some video game stuff, and possibly personal stories, although I don’t get out much so thats unlikely.  We’ll see how it goes.


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